BREAKING: Jon Jones’ USADA Tests Come Back Clean

Jon Jones is no stranger to drug tests, but this time it was different… Image Via: MMA Nytt

Any MMA fan knows Jon Jones, more importantly, Jon Jones and his antics outside of the octagon. After a hit and run, and several failed drug tests Jones returned and beat Alexander Gustafsson. However, his tests leading to the fight were sceptical…


Jones over the years has given everybody reasoning to believe he would be cheating. Leading up to the Gustafsson fight, Jones carried a lot of pressure. Proving himself to be clean, returning to beat the hardest opponent of his career no biggy…

After finding the same steroid metabolite in his system from the previous year, Jones was heavily frowned upon for what seemed to be his inability to stay clean. The card was moved across states to enable Jones to fight and he insisted he was clean and hadn’t taken anything.

Jon Jones has been the centre of controversy for his entire career. Image Source: The Big Lead.


After much anticipation, Jon Jones’ most recent drug test results became public today. to many fans’ surprise, Jones passed the tests. Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones is a clean athlete once again.


The drug tests were taken on the night of UFC 232, where he beat Gustafsson. With Gustafsson drilling him in the press conferences and all the press also drilling into him over the test. Jones was presented with an obscene amount of pressure to be clean.

Brett Okamoto released this tweet just earlier from the Nevada State Athletic Commission director, Andy Foster.

It is Jones’ big day today it seems as no picograms were found of the M3 Metabolite that caused him to fail the initial tests that initiated the shift between states to allow him to fight.

So, are you surprised? Or are you happy Jones is finally clean and can fight without the drama of all the failed tests? However, Cormier did say if Jones consistently tested clean he would give him the third fight. Whether it will be at Heavyweight or light heavyweight is another question. Jones vs. Cormier 3 anyone?

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